El Nino Cabernet Sauvignon

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We selected these parcels for the El Nino label where we aim for a modern approachable style, producing wine with aromas of aniseed and licorice notes mingle with juicy dark berries and a touch of toasty oak. A strong thread of varietal Cabernet Sauvignon flows through the aroma. The palate, rich and full, is powerful yet smooth. Medium to full-bodied with intense berry flavours and balanced oak. Overall, a wine with great mouthfeel and velvet-smooth tannins. Has the capacity to develop with careful cellaring.

Cartons: 12 x 750ml


100% Pyrenees Victoria Cabernet Sauvignon

The region of Western Victoria is well-known for producing red wines with great colour, body and richness.
The individual parcels of fruit for this wine came from vineyard blocks that reliably produce the wines with the most fruit-forward character.


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